There are many decisions to be made when considering a conservatory, we advise you to think about the following before making a purchase.

Installers - choose the right one

A competitive price is always important but should not be the deciding factor alone. To judge if a costing is truly competitive, it is important that all aspects of the work are considered. Look at each component of the work and the quality of the products being used. It may be that the cheaper price uses inferior products, which could prove more costly in time. Also, look at the guarantee being offered and check that it is insurance backed. Try to get an appreciation for the workmanship - ask to see previous work or accreditations.

Ideally, you should look for an installer who can offer the following:

  • Showroom - can demonstrate styles and chat through options.
  • Knowledge - can explain planning, positioning, materials, ventilation etc.
  • Design service - can discuss individual requirements and present visuals of how it might look.
  • Quality products - use of quality, industry leading products.
  • Accreditation - have been approved by component manufacturer.
  • Guaranteed work - provide insurance backed guarantees.

Products - use the best

Check what guarantee comes with each part of your conservatory. Ideally, the roofing system would be fully serviceable, BBA approved and all glazing products thermally efficient. We shall discuss each aspect of a conservatory construction further as this area develops. In the meantime, take a look at our Conservatory Options & Extras pages.

Planning - getting it right

There are no set rules for how you should use a conservatory. Conservatories can be used successfully for a host of purposes, such as a family room, an office or study, the main living space, a dining room, or even a kitchen. Conservatories are extremely versatile. Needless to say a great deal of thought should go into the planning of your conservatory and how you will make best use of the added space.

Key points to consider when planning a conservatory:

  • Planning permission - check with installer whether planning permission is required, in most cases it’s not.
  • Positioning - factors such as wall length, ground space, internal and external access and surroundings impact positioning.
  • Style - conservatories are available in a number of styles. Choose one that compliments your property and works with the purpose of the room.
  • Furnishing - select furnishings that compliment your conservatory and support the purpose of the room.

Take a look at our Conservatory Design Service and Planning & Building Regulations pages for more useful information.

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