Revolutiuonary conservatory glass from Oakland

A range of glass finishes provides the finishing touches that add real beauty to your conservatory.

There has been significant advances in glass over recent years. Such advances provide more efficient temperature control and aid maintenance

This is certainly evident in Pilkington and TuffX products, which is one reason why we choose to use Pilkington and TuffX glass within our installations.

  • Bevelled glass designs
  • Coloured glass designs
  • Leaded glass designs
  • Georgian glass designs
  • Gothic Georgian arches
  • Swept arches
  • Anti-sun glass
  • Glass roofing
  • Mirrored glazing
  • Obscure glazing
  • Self cleaning glass
  • Low e glazing

Standard Glass Options

ShadeSelf CleanSolar ControlLow EArgon GasU ValueSolar Heat ReflectionLight Transmission
Tuff X conservatory glass
TuffX Aqua Green
YYY 1.278%32%
YY  2.766%40%
Tuff X conservatory glass
TuffX Activ Blue
YY  2.752%52%
Tuff X conservatory glass
TuffX Activ Neutral
YY  2.753%45%
Pilkington K Glass ClearK Clear
Pilkington K Clear
Y Y 1.728%74%
Y   2.724%81%

Explanation of Glass Features

Self Clean
Coating that reacts with sunlight to break down dirt on the surface. In addition rain 'sheets' away quickly, rather than forming droplets and leaving unsightly ‘drying spots’.
Solar Control
Helps regulate the amount of solar energy that enters a conservatory. Provides a more comfortable and energy efficient conservatory.
Low E
Low emissivity cloating applied to the external face of the internal pane helps to reflect heat back into the conservatory.
Argon Gas
Gas filled cavity reduces the transfer of heat through the unit.
U Value
A value to describe the rate of heat transfer from one side of the unit to the other. The lower the better.
Solar Heat Reflection
Percentage of heat from the sun that can be reflected to prevent conservatory from getting uncomfortably warm.
Light Transmission
Percentage of light that passes through the unit. A lower figure means reduced glare and less risk of sun damage to furnishings.

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