Strong, reliable conservatory roofing from Oakland

The roof is the most important structural element in any conservatory, providing strength, stability and ventilation to ensure you get the maximum enjoyment from your new conservatory; so you should choose the best available.

Oakland are approved UltraFrame conservatory installers.

UltraframeUltraframe are acknowledged international leaders in the design and manufacture of conservatory roofing systems - with an Ultraframe roof, you can be sure your conservatory roof will be robust, durable and long-lasting!

Ultraframe conservatory roofing is designed in accordance with the highest engineering principles, resulting in a neat, solid, sound and well-constructed building - plus the roof is backed by a 10-year product guarantee and 25 year BBA (British Board of Agrement) life expectancy.

Roof vents

Fresh air on tap

Roof vents are special windows built into the conservatory roof slope. They offer fresh air on tap. You can choose from:

  • Manual opening - the cost-effective option, using pole-winders.
  • Electrically operated - open and close the vent at the touch of a button. No need to leave your chair.
  • Thermostatically controlled - for a real sense of luxury, your vents will open and close themselves depending on the ambient temperature of the room. Automatic rain sensors mean that you never get caught out by a freak rain shower (if you’ve left the room, for example) - the roof vents will close automatically.

Ultraselect - finishing touches

Ultraselect is an exciting range of decorative strips designed to add a touch of extra flair to your conservatory. It’s the perfect way to personalise you conservatory - or simply liven it up. The range of Ultraselect is amazingly wide, wonderfully varied - and refreshingly good value!

New designs have recently been added to the range to provide even more choice. Ultraselect is beautifully simple too. The strips simply ‘click’ into place. And they’re just as easy to remove so you can replace them whenever you feel like a change of style.

Ask us to show you the complete Ultraselect collection and how they can enhance and complement the individual character of your conservatory’s decor and soft furnishings.

Tie Bars

Tie bars incorporate structural members that not only allow increased spans within a conservatory, but also create a desirable feature within the construction. NOTE: Tie bars will be supplied where the size / design deems it to be a structural requirement.

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